Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation and support

Every tool you need to improve every key metric: NPS, CSAT, FCR

Optimize service, reduce costs, delight customers

Meet the customer where they are with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the foundation for omnichannel communications, customer self-service tools, and improving your service agents’ efficacy and satisfaction. With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, automate routine tasks, capture more data from more customers, solve service cases faster and make optimal use of every customer service representative’s time and expertise.

Drive every key metric

Built into Dynamics 365 Customer Service are the features required to fuel critical customer service metrics. Our experts will deploy a solution specific to your market, products, and teams, and create a customer service platform enabling you to improve — and measure — key performance metrics, such as NPS (net promoter score), CSAT (customer satisfaction), FCR (first call resolution rate), and ESAT (employee satisfaction).

Automate case creation and management

Immediately transform email inquiries and chatbot input into customer service cases through Dynamics. Get more accurate data coming directly from the customer while reducing manual labor and errors. Your customers spend less time on the phone and — through automated routing tools — find faster paths to solving their specific challenges.

Get deeper AI insights and analytics

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is constantly capturing, unifying, and disseminating critical customer data. It records all interactions connected to a given case, shares related information through the database, and uses AI-fueled insights to analyze that data and create a successful resolution for every customer case. Through automatically generated reports and dashboards, administrators always have an eagle-eye view of cases in progress.

Supercharge Dynamics 365 with CX Connect

Only Argano offers CX Connect, a collection of tools and services designed to enhance the customer experience. Open AI-fueled chatbots, omnichannel contact centers, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), biometric identification, and advanced analytics to help you uncover and act on critical KPIs — cost per case, average handle time, retention rates, and more — CX Connect, Dynamics, and Argano do it all.