Microsoft solutions for Financial Services

Transform customer service, optimize resources, and drive revenue

Leveraging Dynamics 365, AI and low code to put service first

It’s right there in the name: Financial services. At Argano, we understand that customer service is the cornerstone to success in financial services, and we are helping some of the biggest companies in space totally transform how they connect with customers: from the initial inquiry to the most complex case. From optimizing workflows to building chatbots and virtual assistants to creating omnichannel contact center solutions, Argano is uniquely qualified to help financial service companies ensure high-performance operations, further data collection and analyses and fuel customer engagement.

Moving past customer “service”

Supporting financial services customers takes a lot more today. Argano helps you build customer engagement platforms and programs using Dynamics 365, Microsoft generative AI, Azure, Argano IP and expertise to leverage self-serve portals, chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR) and other tools to reduce the burden on your staff while fueling customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel contact centers

Customers come to you in myriad ways, like text messages, web forms, phone calls and direct messages. We equip you with an omnichannel contact center solution enabling you to meet customers where they are. We provide a full-featured platform to automate the handling and distribution of incoming calls, provide real-time sentiment analysis and real-time transcription and translation to drastically improve first call resolution rates.

Extending all you do with low code

With an Advanced Specialization in Low-Code Development from Microsoft, Argano is singularly qualified to help extend your enterprise systems with custom business applications and integrations. In addition to building low-code applications, we also train teams in tools like Power Platform to ensure you have all the knowledge you need, all in house to create the workflows and automation you require.

Improving data collection and dissemination

The data required to improve customer relationships, optimize business processes, and ease compliance often spans many systems, people, and workflows. It is time to get it all in one place. Enjoy a rapidly deployed solution capturing data from all business systems like CRM, ERP, Office, the web and 3rd party applications to ensure your view and understanding of business data is complete and actionable.