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Copilot, ChatGPT, machine learning, predicting, and automating to drive greater efficiency

Strategic AI solutions that accelerate your business

For many businesses AI can be intimidating and complex, a technology with unlimited possibilities, but no practical path to get started. Leveraging AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Copilot, and Azure Machine Learning, we help businesses reduce redundant tasks, find new ways to solve old challenges, and fuel high-performance operations. Our solution experts have been on the ground floor during the development and delivery of tools such as Copilot and can help demystify AI and make it work well for your business.

Connecting AI and the customer experience

It’s more than chatbots. Argano will show you exactly how to leverage AI to both more quickly serve customers (through virtual agents via Copilot Studio, automated ticketing systems, and self-service tools), and more to completely serve them, through personalized recommendations, multilingual support, sentiment analysis, and a host of other tools. Through AI, you can empower your platform and your people to get ahead of your customers’ needs and create exceptional experiences.

Connecting AI and operations

It’s not just about automation. Microsoft AI enhances supply chain management with advanced capabilities for tracking delivery times and identifying possible roadblocks before they arise. It increases productivity by automatically processing statements of work (SOWs) and extracting action items and KPIs. It improves compliance by monitoring regulatory changes. And it can help identify cost-saving opportunities in both ERP workflows and in the solution itself.

AI-fueled analytics

With help from Argano’s solution experts, you can quickly tap AI to expand and accelerate data capture across internal systems, external sites and, basically, the world at large. AI can clean incoming data streams, correcting errors, standardizing formats, making it immediately actionable and action it as well. It’s not just natural language, either: AI can be used to model data for predictive or prescriptive purposes, ensuring you have a complete picture of your business, your customers, your competition, and the overall market to drive better and faster business decisions.

Governance and security in AI

One of the key deliverables in Argano’s AI solutions and services is helping clients “rein in” AI. Our team of experts establishes a framework that ensures the AI tools you use remain firmly under your control, and always serve your strategy. We work with you to create a system of governance that regulates how AI is used within your organization, and how AI operates outside your organization as well. We enable you to maximize all that AI has to offer while ensuring you are protected as your AI capabilities evolve.

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