Microsoft supply chain management solutions

Moving from reactive to agile to prescriptive

Making the supply chain more flexible and predictive than ever before

Your business’s supply chain is its lifeline. The Argano 4 Microsoft team of experts delivers supply chain management (SCM) solutions designed to keep that lifeline agile and responsive in every circumstance. From intelligent order management and automated warehousing systems to granular inventory tracking — down to the parcel level — we equip you with a supply chain solution flexible enough to change and strong enough to respond to any challenge.

From materials sourcing to last-mile delivery

Your supply chain is a series of milestones, and our SCM solutions and services enable you to carefully manage each one. From the sourcing of raw materials and containerization to warehousing, overall fleet management and delivery over that last mile, we give you the insight and tools required to optimize every step and quickly pivot when necessary.​

Adapt to market demands — and global challenges

As the pandemic proved, supply chains are highly influenced by external forces. We provide you with the means to rapidly make changes as demands change, and better adapt to events and trends beyond your “four walls.” You get real-time views of resource availability, inventory equipment, and shipment — at every step in the chain.

Digital twin, IoT, and AI

With technologies such as a digital twin of your supply chain, the Argano 4 Microsoft team builds a supply chain management solution that helps you prepare for the unexpected. And with IoT devices and AI systems, we can help you more quickly collect, codify, and distribute the data needed to improve SCM and integrate its data into other workflows, helping you take rapid, proper action in the event of any disruption.​

Prescriptive supply chain solutions

The goal of every SCM solution we provide our clients is to move them from a reactive supply chain to an agile, prescriptive supply chain. We help you improve forecasting, resource allocation, and market knowledge, giving you the tools to have a solution in place before a problem occurs.