Data & analytics services

From dashboards and reporting to provided embedded resources – Argano has you covered

A more complete picture, a more actionable understanding

With data, what you don’t know can hurt you. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Power Platform and Azure, Argano can help ensure the discovery, analysis, and sharing of the business-critical data that fuels your strategy. Whether it’s in internal ERP and CRM solutions, team mailboxes, third-party sites, or deep in the Dataverse, we’ll help you find it, understand it, and act on it.

Data discovery, data analysis, data-driven action

Argano’s data analysts have deep industry-specific experience in Power BI, data discovery, data modeling, data visualization, and predictive analytics. But that’s just the start. After discovery, we help build the reporting systems that enable you and your team to immediately understand and act on the data presented. We don’t just give you an application, we’ll empower you with a plan.

Deeper insight fueled by automation

Collecting and transforming raw data into business intelligence is made faster and easier with data orchestration and RPA, AI, ML, and other advanced technologies, leveraging the full power of the Microsoft Azure platform. Argano helps you automate wherever possible to improve both the speed of data collection and the accuracy of your data. Your team will spend less time on “discovery” and more time doing the work that moves you forward.

Empowering your teams with the right tools and training

When it comes to Power Platform and Azure, the options for data and analytics tools and related methodologies are seemingly endless. Before simply delivering the data you require, we’ll ensure your team is equipped to act on it by empowering them with the training and tools they need. Our data experts and analysts will help you every step of the way.

Defining your data journey

Every organization’s data journey is different, but the objective is the same: faster access to important information to drive better, faster business decisions. We’ll meet you wherever you are in your data journey, then take you where you want to be.

We have you covered at every stage of your journey

Data collection: The first step is to collect data from various sources, such as internal business applications like ERP, CRM, external sources, and social media. This data is then stored in a central location, often a data lake.

Data preparation: Once the data is collected, it must be cleaned, transformed, and integrated into a format that can be analyzed.

Data analysis: With the data prepared, it can then be analyzed using various tools and techniques, such as business intelligence, data visualization, and statistical analysis. This allows organizations to gain insights into their data and identify patterns and trends.

Data modeling: Based on the insights gained from the data analysis, organizations can then create models to predict future events or outcomes. This step typically involves techniques such as ML, AI, and predictive analytics.

Data action: The following step is to take action on the insights and predictions generated from the data analysis. This can involve embedding the analytics into business processes and integrating these insights into business applications.

Continual improvement: The journey does not stop here, it’s a continuous process where organizations keep on refining the data collection, data preparation, data analysis, data modeling and data action to improve the decision-making process and overall performance.  We can help clients build a center of excellence to drive their continual improvement or augment their teams’ capabilities by providing managed services around system maintenance and continual improvement.