Microsoft cloud solutions

Azure and cloud infrastructure, architecture, integration, and optimization

Scalability, flexibility, predictability

Digital transformation lives in the cloud. The Argano 4 Microsoft team of experts offers a wide array of cloud computing options and migration services that enable you to scale with ease. You benefit from the flexibility of connecting your solutions across the entire business, while enjoying predictability in cost, service, and support. There’s never been a better time to move to the cloud.

A more secure and affordable cloud

There is no safer place for your business data and workflows than in the cloud. Built from the ground up with a focus on security first, the cloud solutions delivered by Argano 4 Microsoft teams provide full encryption, keeping your data fully protected. And with predictable monthly licensing, your cloud solution is more cost effective than any on-premises solution – and the facilities, utilities, and human resources required to maintain an on-premises solution.

Public, private, hybrid, multi: you choose

Why be forced to choose between clouds when you can have it all? The Argano 4 Microsoft team offers deep expertise in all cloud architecture, not just Azure. We build flexible and secure integrations across multiple cloud types and providers. Our solution experts create a custom fit for your business in the cloud, one that suits where you are now and where you might be growing next.

Migration made easy

If you’re not already on the cloud, our team makes it easy to migrate utilizing our data first approach with our Ground to Cloud Assessment. All migration tasks are aligned with your existing processes and projects, ensuring as little disruption to your business as possible. We take data and workflows from disparate solutions and dispersed locations and migrate it all seamlessly to a centralized cloud platform.

Leaving updates and upgrades behind

With Argano as your cloud partner, you will never have to worry about the cost and confusion that invariably accompanies system updates and upgrades. You will always be on the latest version of your cloud-based business applications, and able to access from anywhere. Convenience, lower costs, easier adaptability – it’s all there for you with Argano and the cloud.