Microsoft data insights solutions

Leveraging Dynamics, Power Platform, and Argano to drive more valuable data

Connecting data to business outcomes

It’s time to create more dynamic connections between your business data and your business outcomes. Whether you’re just getting started on data and analytics — looking to move from spreadsheets to visual reporting — or deep into projects with Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and leveraging AI to access the Microsoft Dataverse, our team has the experience to take you further, better connect your data to your systems and teams, and create the actionable insights that transform a business.

Understandable data

The data that drives your business forward is everywhere: ERP and CRM systems, customer behaviors, global trends, online communications, and beyond. Argano 4 Microsoft’s engineers and analysts will help you capture that data from every conceivable source and give you the tools (such as Power BI dashboards and Argano Data Insights) to make it easily and completely understood so it may better serve your strategy.

Data story telling

 Making data readily available is central to success, and our engineers have the expertise and experience to deliver data across any device or channel. Data visualization — whether on a mobile device or laptop — is the cornerstone of making data accessible and consumable across the enterprise. Our analysts will dig into the KPIs that further your success and ensure they’re telling a complete data story that helps fuel data driven decisions.

Connected data

Bringing data together — “de-siloing” it from within and beyond the enterprise — is made easy with Argano 4 Microsoft and our team’s mastery of data integrations, RPA, Power BI, and other technologies that serve to collect and connect data streams. But there’s more: from low/no-code tools to the most advanced big data solutions, we can help you expand data collection workflows as you expand your lines of business.​

Actionable data

Most importantly, we will equip you and your team with automated workflows, ERP/CRM extensions, and other tools to immediately and effectively act on data-driven insights. Datasets may be flagged and forwarded to proper channels and stakeholders in real-time, resulting in informed decisions that fuel positive business outcomes. We equip you with more than reports: we equip you with the means to respond.​