Microsoft commerce solutions

Building better buying experiences in B2C and B2B

Optimal, rewarding shopping experiences for all

Commerce is about more than just shopping. It’s about producing engaging customer experiences, building loyalty, and creating opportunities to drive revenue. From POS and e-commerce capabilities to customer service, our commerce solutions enable your business to automate processes, equip customers to self-serve, and drive more personalized shopping experiences across all channels.

Optimizing every offer

Personalization is the core of our commerce solutions. By presenting more enhanced experiences, we enable you to create customized offers that drive increased revenue for your business. You will be able to automate commerce tasks, such as real-time testing of products and pricing, ensuring every offer to every shopper is the right one at the right time for the right price.

Empowering every customer

Today’s customers want to be “behind the wheel,” driving their shopping experience rather than having it dictated to them. Leveraging the strengths of Dynamics and Power Platform – combined with Argano’s expertise and IP – you can build the self-service capabilities that put the customer in charge and fuel customer loyalty at every step. The empowered customer is a satisfied customer, and customer satisfaction drives business.

Integrated shopping experiences

Brick and mortar locations and online storefronts provide very different shopping experiences, often have different revenue streams, and always result in different data. Our Argano 4 Microsoft teams of experts will create a commerce platform for you that unifies information connected to inventory, pricing, returns, and rewards programs, giving you and your customers a more complete experience, online and off.

Driving data at every step

With AI, IoT, and ML, we will help you create a commerce platform that collects and delivers data on customer behavior, sales team productivity, store and website traffic, returns, rewards, and any factor that influences both an individual sale and lifetime loyalty. Through Power BI and other applications, we build the analytics systems that let you understand and act on that data to optimize commerce across the board.