CX Connect

Digital contact centers, actionable analytics, improved customer and employee engagement

Transform the customer experience at every touchpoint

Through a revolutionary business methodology and seamless blend of Microsoft, Argano, and third-party technologies, CX Connect is changing how clients build, manage, and monetize the customer experience. Whether it’s omnichannel contact centers, ChatGPT-fueled  chatbots, or self-service tools and portals that put the customer in charge, the Argano 4 Microsoft team equips you with the applications and insights that drive customer engagement and employee satisfaction.

The digital contact center

With CX in your contact center, the Argano 4 Microsoft team provides you will a full-featured platform — biometric voice ID, IVR, ChatGPT-enabled bots, self-service portals, and more — to automate the handling and distribution of incoming calls, provide real-time sentiment analysis and real-time transcription and translation, and drastically improve first call resolution rates. Whether you are handling 10 calls a day or 10,000, CX Connect makes is easy.

Advanced analytics

Advanced data and reporting are foundational to transformation, and keystones of CX Connect. Our team of experts creates solutions that unite data from core business applications, Azure workloads, and third-party data sources, and enables your representatives to view all critical customer information — order history, web behavior, service records, and more — all on one screen.

Any platform, every partnership

Through trusted partnerships with Microsoft, Nuance, Open AI, and other leading providers, CX Connect is a true cross-platform, best-of-breed technology suite. Built with functionality from Dynamics 365, as well as Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, Power Apps, and Azure with Argano extended solutions and expertise, CX Connect unites every moving piece of customer engagement under one roof.

Always moving forward

As the customer experience changes, the technology used to perfect it changes, too. That’s why CX Connect is an open-ended methodology and technology for enhancing customer engagement, rather than a static collection of tools. To ensure an optimal experience for your customers and rapid ROI on your technology investments, the Argano team leverages the latest features and capabilities from Microsoft and augments with custom applications and integrations to continually boost customer satisfaction.