Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights implementation and support

Leveraging Microsoft technology to transform your customers into lifelong advocates

An actionable, 360-degree view of every customer and prospect

At every touchpoint — every website visit and click, every call, purchase, and return, every service inquiry, every social media update — your customers are showing you exactly what they want and need. With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you will have the means to capture and disseminate that information, to build robust profiles of every client and prospect, and to create fast paths to increasing both customer engagement and company revenue.

Know your audience, know their actions

What’s better than knowing what your customers want? Knowing it before they themselves know it. With Dynamics 365 and the Argano 4 Microsoft team of experts, you are empowered to quickly create audience segments — based on demographic information, buying behaviors, third-party data — and connect them to personae-driven journeys on a predictive platform. Customers experience a shortened sales cycle, and your representatives have all the information they need to further satisfaction in every customer conversation.

Foster loyalty

Build loyalty and retention programs that go past discounts and referrals. The Argano 4 Microsoft customer experience strategists will help you use out-of-the-box tools in Dynamics — augmented with Argano solutions such as CX Connect — to fuel customer loyalty, and launch programs that empower customers to drive their own experiences. Equip your customers with the self-service tools to move them from being quiet consumers to vocal advocates.

Create continuous feedback

Data is never a one-way stream. It’s a back and forth between you and customers. We help you create synchronous environments where you learn more about your customers’ needs while they learn more about your products and services. We show you how to leverage chatbots, AI, and other technologies to create connections and ensure you always present the right offer at the right time.

Personalized journeys, protected information

Privacy is critical, and regulatory compliance standards are everywhere: GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and countless more. With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Argano, create personalized customer journeys that adhere to privacy guidelines, while ensuring little to no disruption to each customer’s experience. At Argano 4 Microsoft, a seamless integration of personalization and privacy is part of every Dynamics 365 Customer Insights deployment