Copilot Studio (Power Virtual Agents) services and support

Rapidly build conversational bots and AI assistants with Microsoft’s low-code tools

Accelerate response times, delight customers, reduce workloads

Building intuitive, conversational chatbots is even easier with Microsoft Copilot Studio (formerly Power Virtual Agents). Create and quickly deploy AI-fueled natural language chatbots with little to no application development experience. Engage customers faster with robust natural language capabilities, create workflows and reduce workloads that together deliver a rewarding experience for all with Copilot Studio — supported by the Argano low-code team.

Connected to the ecosystem

Leverage the strength of virtual agents with Copilot Studio across your Microsoft ecosystem. While an excellent “front line” application for website customer inquiries, you can build bots that work across Microsoft Teams — acting as virtual HR representatives — and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, where you can merge feedback from chatbots and from calls with representatives, creating far more robust customer profiles. ​

Intelligent AI bots are here to stay

According to a recent report published by Forrester, intelligent conversational bots built with Power Virtual Agents deliver immediate — and massive — business benefits: 50% less time spent handling customer requests, 80% less effort to build bots than with previously existing methodologies and technologies, and a stunning 261% ROI in as little as 36 months. The future is here, and it’s a quantifiable success.

Deep expertise to help you do more

While Copilot Studio is a low-code platform, it often requires some application development experience to use it to its fullest. That’s where the Argano 4 Microsoft team of experts can help. We can co-develop with your team, train you, and more. No matter what course you choose, with Argano you’ll gain the tools, learn processes and best practices, and benefit from Argano’s expertise to fully leverage your technology investment.

Copilot Studio in action: The Argano “myTime” app

The Argano myTime App is an AI-powered chatbot built using Power Platform. Initially deployed for our team to utilize internally, the myTime app is now available to all to help simplify the time entry process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. This innovative low-code application transforms a typically cumbersome and error-prone process to ensure employees enter their time promptly and accurately through an easy to use, conversational chatbot.