Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management implementation and support

Leveraging Microsoft ERP technology to transform supply chain management (SCM)

Improve visibility, agility and predictability across your entire supply chain

Once part of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Microsoft has separated Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to help better meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and anyone involved in raw materials procurement, production, and ensuring the delivery of consumer and business goods stays on track. The supply chain changes often and without warning, but with Dynamics 365 SCM and Argano, you can move from reacting to those changes to directing them.​

Maximizing visibility

With so much of what happens in the supply chain beyond an organization’s control — weather, geo-politics, pandemics — having the right data required to predict what’s next is critical. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides you with the real-time insights required to move from reactive to prescriptive measures in your supply chain, adding visibility and agility at every step, from procurement of raw materials to last-mile delivery.

A module for every need

Inventory management, warehouse management, production control, procurement and sourcing, master planning, asset management, remote asset management, cost accounting, product information management, and service management – knowing where to begin with Dynamics 365 SCM capabilities is critical. Our team of solution experts create an implementation plan that activates the modules required to meet your business needs.

Intelligent inventory

With Dynamics 365 SCM as the hub, our team creates automated, AI-fueled inventory management solutions that accelerate order processing and accuracy. Whether it’s helping a client create a smart warehouse (see case study), or enabling tracking at the container, pallet, batch, and box levels, we help keep inventory moving efficiently, intelligently, and quickly. Add planned order pegging prioritization to Dynamics 365 in just one day with our Advanced Planning.

Proactive asset management

It’s time to proactively manage and maintain the assets required to keep your supply chain moving — the trucks, manufacturing equipment, machinery, and facilities. The Argano 4 Microsoft team helps you quickly leverage functionality in Dynamics 365 SCM to enable you to easily and completely track every asset in your supply chain, empowering you with control and insight where it’s needed most.