Power Apps services and support

Build custom applications quickly with Microsoft's low-code development solution

Transform business ideas into business applications

Transform your systems and workflows with custom business applications. Microsoft’s pioneering low-code development platform has all the tools and processes built-in to empower your people with application development skills. And with a team that has created dozens of custom applications—communication tools, health screening solutions, and more—across multiple industries, Argano has the experience and expertise to help ensure you get the most from your investment in Power Apps.​

Reduce application development costs

With Power Apps, greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs for application development by putting the power into your own hands. Our team helps equip your developers for success with Power Apps, offering custom trainings, workshops, and more to help you grow internal skill sets, and improve your ability to address both current and currently unforeseen business challenges with custom business applications.

Leverage a robust, evolving feature set

PowerApps includes a wide set of features that deliver an even wider set of benefits. Hundreds of design templates, hundreds of connectors for systems and data, role-based user customization, pre-built AI tools and a common data service for storage. Our team helps you identify — and master — the features that best serve your immediate needs and long-term strategies.

Choose from Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps

Application development is as much about the means as the ends, and Power Apps provides different means for building apps. Canvas applications help you build better UI/UX screens (you start with a blank “canvas” to build and use hundreds of data sources), whereas Model-driven applications are focused on data rich components (you start with a data source and an automatically generated UI).

Learn more at our “App in a day” workshops

As a certified Power Apps Delivery Partner, Argano routinely offers “App in a Day” workshops wherein attendees get the training, tools, and guidance needed to build an application in real-time. These free workshops provide an opportunity for your team to collaborate with experts from Argano and Microsoft doing hands-on development work and build a functional business application in one workday.

Power Apps in action: The Argano “Approvals Pro” app

Created by Argano low-coders using Power Apps, Approvals Pro puts all you need to manage a remote workforce right in the palm of your hand. As an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Approvals Pro improves oversight and communication with remote workers, field personnel, or your shop floor teams, while keeping projects moving forward.