Audit and Security Manager

Ensuring compliance and reducing complexity

Streamline and tighten security, improve oversight and save money

Managing security in Dynamics 365 is easier than ever with Argano 4 Microsoft’s extension. But don’t take it from us. “Audit and Security Manager is an invaluable tool for managing security in Dynamics. It simplifies the complexity…and is a must have, especially for SOX compliant companies. Further, the support we received from the team was exceptional. I highly recommend the solution!” — Keri Lantz, CPA, Achillion Pharmaceutical.

Simplify security management

With a templated approach via a familiar Dynamics 365 interface, Audit and Security Manager (ASM) helps you quickly and intelligently define user roles and associated permissions for your enterprise systems. It enables easy visualization of your overall environment and monitors and keeps track of system changes, simplifying access reviews via role-based reporting. It also provides accurate security and audit trail reporting for compliance.

Proactively address audits, minimize risk

Be prepared for audits by ensuring you have captured access data across the board. ASM makes segregation of duties rules easier to follow and more accurate, and helps you focus on key system components that could enable fraud, erroneous financial statements, or misappropriation of funds. With a just a few clicks in ASM, you have all the information any auditor might require.

Increase oversight and analysis

ASM’s comprehensive reporting means more immediate and actionable oversight of your solution. You can track changes made to the system by name, role, date, and most any configurable property. With this automated functionality, you can free up staff to work on other projects rather than spend hours, days, or weeks out of the year “checking up.”

Reduce licensing costs

Central to ASM functionality is insight and control over licensing. The sad truth is that in most enterprise systems, there are dozens — if not hundreds — of licensing issues, from people having the wrong license (e.g., an administrative assistant with administrative access) to users simply having licenses they don’t need or never use. With ASM, you can quickly reduce enterprise license counts, concurrently increasing security and reducing costs.