Process Automation

Improving efficiencies and lowering costs through rapid automation

Better connected data, optimized workflows, increased efficiencies

Advance your utilization of Microsoft solutions with our process automation tools and applications, powered by Microsoft Power Automate, AI, and machine learning. Experience reduced manual tasks, enhanced data accuracy, streamlined workflows, and seamless integration of departments and data. With Argano, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the operational tasks.

More than robotic process automation (RPA)

Argano can design and implement RPAs that eliminate all manual labor from tasks such as email replies, invoice processing, and data extraction. We also offer more robust, custom business process automation to expedite your supply chain and accounting tasks, improve communication, manage data files, and help you move more rapidly and automatically toward desired business outcomes.

Leveraging Power Automate, AI, and ML

Business automation employs powerful tools that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to help automations run faster and grow smarter with every task. With Microsoft Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning, the Argano team creates automation that reduce workloads for your teams, eliminate bottlenecks, and create new and more actionable insights into operations.

Integrating data, workflows, and systems

Business process automations typically live at the hub of where systems, data, and workflows intersect, enabling more rapid and accurate actions to address client and internal needs alike. For example, Argano solution experts can design automations to transform customer emails into customer service cases, settle invoices, and capture, codify, and distribute critical business intelligence.

Furthering business process management

At the heart of every business process automation is a focus on improving overall business process management and creating more standardized operational workflows. We work with you to identify the workflows and processes unique to your lines of business that would most immediately benefit from automation, and then leverage those findings to further transformation across your enterprise.

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