Microsoft Solutions for Distribution

Transform logistics, uncover new revenue streams, and improve customer relationships

Automating warehouse operations to increase efficiencies

It’s time to build more predictive and profitable distribution systems and processes. Whether it's putting workflows into the cloud, creating more rewarding customer experiences, or uncovering new revenue streams, our solution experts have the technology expertise and industry experience to help distributors improve day-to-day tasks. Stay focused on long-term strategic growth with real-time responses to changes in consumer demand.

Maximize sales data

Your sales team is uncovering and creating actionable data at every customer touchpoint. We provide solutions that capture and codify data and help you quickly share it across downstream and upstream distribution processes. Additionally, we equip your sales team with all the customer information needed in one interface, helping you uncover additional revenue streams in real-time.​

Stay ahead of consumer demand

Move past responding to consumer demand and start leveraging the tools and data streams enabling you to predict it, whether it’s identifying changes in demand for existing products or for all-new products, services, and channels of distribution. Know exactly what your customers want, and when, where, and how often before they know it themselves.​

Enable end-to-end tracking

Distribution is entirely about timeliness, and timeliness is often entirely about tracking. Through IoT, Microsoft Dynamics, and our own Dynamics 365 extensions, we empower you with complete visibility over products and processes as they move from production, delivery, and point of sale. The result is more operational transparency, efficient distribution processes, and more complete supply chain data.

Improve the customer experience

With solutions such as CPQ and Argano CX Connect, distributors can give customers the online “shopping” processes they are used to. No more time-consuming quotes or sales processes. You put your customers in charge of their own experience, allowing them to restock quickly, track their own orders, and even create their own cross-sells, upsells, and upgrades. Less manual work for your team, more satisfied customers, and increased revenue: a win-win-win.

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